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Stormen X Infinity Gaming



617k on Twitch

241K on YouTube

Game of Choice:


Infinity Race

Date: Friday, February 4th at 1pm PST

A Bit About Stormen

Stormen is a very popular Twitch and YouTube Streamer that is best known for his APEX Legends streams, managing to place himself consistently in the top 50 most subscribed streamers on Twitch.

Stormen , driving great affinity for the Infinity Gaming brand and currency PLAY. which is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that will change the competitive gaming industry. Forever.

Play Tournament APEX Legends Infinity Race

$10,000 Prize Pool

APEX Legends: Infinity Race Tournament

Tournament Rules:

Infinity Gaming’s ‘Infinity Race’ is an influencer-led Apex Legends
tournament, with audience members invited to participate in a
kill-race for a $10,000 prize pool.
Players will drop into an infinite amount of games during the three
hour kill-race, challenging them to submit their three highest
possible kill games on the leaderboard to collate their overall score.
1 kill = 1 point.

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